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What would it be like to see from our parent’s perspective? Our child’s perspective? What problems could we solve? What are the limits of those perspectives? What would we discover?

Glass Walls is a 3D, 3rd-person puzzle game featuring a unique perspective switching mechanic, a surrealist visual style, an original adaptive soundtrack, and an intergenerational story about mothers and daughters. Playing as 3 generations of women, players swap between different perspectives to solve intricate puzzles and discover the stories behind each of them. 

Gameplay Length: 15-20 minutes

Glass Walls was made by
Krishan Rajaratnam: Programming, Level Design, Audio & Music
Mengqi Gao: Visual Design
Charles H. Huang: Narrative Design
Will Rhodes: Visual Design, Programming, Level Design

Made by NYU Game Center M.F.A. Candidates

Development Time: 1 semester

Course: Studio 2 for Spring 2020 (during COVID-19!)

Narrative Design Postmortem (by Charles H. Huang): https://krajaratnam.itch.io/glass-walls/devlog/171098/glass-walls-narrative-desi...

Install instructions

Unzip to a folder and run the executable


glass_walls_mac 2.zip 609 MB
glass_walls_windows 2.zip 603 MB

Development log

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